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Me & My World

(GRADES 1 - 3)

Students will examine various roles, relationships, and responsibilities, how and why these may change, and how they are connected to one’s identity, culture, and sense of self. They will develop their appreciation of the need to treat all people, as well as the built and natural environment, responsibly and with respect. During these grades, students will develop their understanding of their local community and begin to examine the global community. Students will explore a variety of traditions within their families and their local communities, developing an understanding of how these traditions contribute to and enrich their own community and Canadian society. Lastly, students will explore what life was like for different groups of people during that time period and will compare the lives of these people to those of present-day Canadians.

History Mystery

(GRADES 4-6)

Following the social studies curriculum, students will develop their understanding of how we study the past, as they use various methods to examine social organization, daily life, and the relationship with the environment in different societies that existed to 1500 CE. Learning about key characteristics of various Indigenous nations and European settlers and examining the experiences and perspectives of diverse communities in historical and contemporary Canada, as well as, how they have contributed to the development of identities in Canada.

Sr. Historian

(GRADE 7 & 8)

In the History strand, students will examine social, political, economic, and legal changes in Canada between 1713 and 1850. They will be introduced to the historical inquiry process and will apply it to investigate different perspectives on issues in eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century Canada. Examination of how social, political, economic, and legal changes in Canada between 1850 and 1914 affected different individuals, groups, and communities, including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit individuals and communities, in an increasingly diverse and regionally distinct nation.


(GRADES 9-12)

All five of the subject areas in the secondary social sciences and humanities program – equity studies, family studies, general social sciences, philosophy, and world religions – are concerned with how students view themselves, their families, their communities, and the broader society, and how they come to understand and respond to the world around them.

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