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SharpMinds Academy offers a free assessment to all students that assists parents and educators to understand all areas of the student’s learning. The Canadian Test of Basic Skills from Nelson measures student achievement and growth across a continuum of rigorous updated learning standards from Kindergarten through Grade 12. This will help our tutors to focus on the areas specifically that the student needs assistance with and enrich the areas that they excel in. The tutor is able to construct the lessons to suit the child’s gaps in learning . Some children struggle in specific areas of learning or individual subjects. This assessment also gives parents a grade level, in which their child is working at. This is also good information for the classroom teacher and school for those students who are working with an IEP or without.


We offer 2 types of tutoring for students in our centre.

1:1 – One-on-one tutoring offers a unique learning experience that coaches the individual and encourages learning a t the students own pace. One-on-one tutoring provides a secure and positive workspace without multiple distractions. It is self focused education. We offer several packages for families to choose from for this tutoring. We strongly recommend 2- one hour sessions per week, for maximum results and time with the student and tutor to work.

3:1 – Three-on-one tutoring offers a more social learning experience for students to work with the tutor, but also has the benefit of hearing their peers’ questions as well. This helps students who are quiet, or shy and can hear the other student’s questions, that may resonate with them as well. We group similar age groups and subject needs within the 3:1 tutoring session. Your child will be with similar aged students and subjects, unless scheduling can’t be This offering is also more cost effective for families, and we also have several packages to choose from. We strongly recommend 2- one hour sessions per week, for maximum results and time with the student and tutor to work.


At SharpMinds, we want to enhance the learning that your child is receiving at school. We use your child’s homework and classwork as a starting point for the tutoring experience. Schooling is hard enough without adding to the already large amount of work your child is doing. We want to assist and not add to this. We succeed in this by working alongside your child’s teacher and the units being taught, and re-teaching, enhancing or assisting in that work. We also provide supplementary material to enhance the concepts and ensure complete understanding of the subject your student is being tutored in.


Booking tutoring sessions is easy peasy! When registering, our Office Administrator will speak with you about the days that work best with you. We will then work with our tutors to create a schedule of tutoring that will work best for everyone. When booking tutoring sessions, we also do not limit students to one subject. If your student needs help with another subject or assignment, you can call our Admin and we can arrange a tutor who is able to assist with this subject. We all work together to ensure your child’s school needs are met.


Our tutors provide monthly progress reports to parents on their students’ progress. This shows all areas worked on throughout the month, strengths, areas needed to be worked on, and next steps for future sessions. This helps parents to see their child’s progress and helps our tutors to ensure we are following the areas that need to be worked on.

Tutoring frequently asked questions

Please call and speak with one of our Office Administrators in Markham 905-471-7333 or Pickering 905-239-3400 to get you set up. Registration is quick and easy… Sessions can start within a few days of registering.

At SharpMinds, we have been in the education business for over 14 years. We hire tutors who are passionate about the subject they are teaching and also have experience working with students who are struggling. Our tutors are also trained in the Ontario Curriculum expectations, so they are able to accurately assess what areas of a subject need to be assisted with. We have a large percentage of students who come back to us year after year, and also recommend us to others as we have helped them so much.

When you speak with the Office Admin, we will get a complete picture of the student, personality, needs, learning styles, etc… and in consultation with the Vice Principal, will match the student with the best tutor possible. If there is a situation where the tutor is not a good match, we will find another tutor who matches. Many factors impact how students perform in school including missing or weak academic foundations, lack of ability to understand how best to organize homework, the learning style of the child and other outside influences.


Had a great time here!! Teachers are calm and teach with high quality. Overall, great place with great education standards.
Leja J
The class environment provides a welcoming atmosphere, the teachers are encouraging and push there students to try their best. Every student is given the attention that they need, their unspoken motto is "no child left behind". memorable experience.
Sylvia Andrews
I would recommend sharpminds to everyone who needs a little push in academics. This truly helped me with boosting up my marks. The work environment is amazing along with easy going smart teachers who are able to help students no matter the learning style. Thanks Sharpminds!
Jasmine Karim

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