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High School Credit Courses

Semesters start dates, September, February, July, August.

September & February Semesters

  • Each course has 7 hrs of class time each week (attendance mandatory)
  • All classes are In Person
  • Schedules are Monday to Thursday (one 2.5 hour class – one night only) and Saturday or Sunday (one 4.5 hour class – one day only)

July & August Semesters

  • Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm
  • 17 days

Specific schedules are given one week prior to class starting to support student and teacher needs

Registration cannot be confirmed until pre-requisite information, registration form, Gov’t Issued Identification and deposit is made.

Select your high school Grade

Grade 9

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Grade 10

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Grade 11

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Grade 12

View Grade 11 Available Compulsory & Elective Credit Courses

For more detailed information on Ontario Curriculum Requirements, please visit the Ministry of Edcuation Website :


Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! We are an Accredited private school through the Ministry of Education, which allows us to grant Ontario High School credit courses.
No. The only thing you will see on the report card is a P (signalling “Private”) next to the course name. There are many reasons a student takes a course at a private school and many people take different pathways to end up in the same place. Universities and Colleges know this, too!
We send your marks to your home school and they submit all of your credits and marks to OUAC (Ontario Universities’ Application Centre). This is why it’s very important you give us all the correct information when we’re registering you as a student (ex. Prerequisites, OEN, etc.) During crucial times (grade 12 Fall and Winter), we will update your marks on OUAC. Please ensure to add us as one of your Academic Institutions when setting up your OUAC.
We suggest no more than three (3) courses per semester, strictly because of scheduling and workload considerations. If you are looking to enrol in more, do not hesitate to call us! Our main priority is helping you get what you need and we will do our best to work with your schedule.
We offer Humanities courses on a per semester basis! You can call or email us to see what we’re offering. We’ll always try our best to meet your needs!
Each credit course is one semester and 110 hours total. Typically we schedule based on 7 hours a week. The specific days or times within the week depend on the cohort of students in that course. We spend a lot of time gathering everyone’s availability and making sure that our class times suit everyone’s schedule. COVID-19 NOTE: In keeping with our surrounding district school boards, SharpMinds is also offering quadmester courses this year in addition to standard semester courses. Please call our offices to learn more about this!

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