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SCIENCE Tutoring


When children have struggles in their science classes, the most powerful resource for them is Science tutoring.   At Sharp Minds we offer Science tutoring for all grades and levels. Our Science tutors are carefully matched to each student to ensure that your child enjoys science tutoring and learns better as a result!

Fresh Investigator

(GRADES 1 - 3)

Students will work on creating and expanding their knowledge of Understanding Life Systems, Structures and Mechanisms, Matter and Energy and lastly, Earth and Space Systems. They will be examining the needs and Characteristics of Living Things and habitats, Strong and Stable Structures Forces Causing Movement, Pulleys and Gears and Qualities of Air, Soil and Water in the Environment.

Jr. Researcher

(GRADES 4-6)

Students will build on their existing knowledge in science strands of the Ontario Curriculum, by examining and investigating some of the following areas: Habitats and Communities; Human Organ Systems; Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms; Flight; Properties of and Changes in Matter; Electricity and Electrical Devices; Rocks and Minerals and Conservation of Energy and Resources.

Master Researcher

(GRADE 7 & 8)

Students in Grades 7-8 will be analyzing more complex data and concepts such as; Interactions in the Environment, Cells, Pure Substances and Mixtures, Heat in the Environment, Waterways and Systems in action and Fluids.


(GRADE 9-12)

The chart below outlines the Ontario Science Curriculum Courses. SharpMinds Academy provides tutoring for all Science Courses.

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