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Keep your child’s academic progression going at home with SharpMinds Academy’s newest learning platform, LIVE ONLINE TUTORING. We use the ZOOM platform, that includes screen sharing technology to allow students to work face-to-face with their SharpMinds tutor using their familiar academic materials and workbooks in the comfort of their own home. Our tutors also have great online resources during sessions, to ensure engagement with students and also enhance each child’s online learning.

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We recognize and embrace that each child learns differently and sees the world through their own experiences and life. We ensure that each program session is individualized to each student and their needs. Whether it’s 1:1 or 3:1 tutoring, our tutors are trained to ensure that each child is given exactly what they need to ensure success. Our tutors are engaging, full of content knowledge and truly make SharpMinds programs the amazing programs they are today. Whatever area of your child’s curriculum that they need assistance with, SharpMinds is with you all the way!

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At SharpMinds, our goal and mission is to assist students and their families in their educational journey. Whether it’s High School Math or Elementary Science and French, we are here to enhance the learning that is done at school, whether virtual, face to face, or homeschooling. We feel that we are part of the larger team of educators that are working with your child, no matter what subject(s) need some assistance. We enhance the learning and follow the same units and topics that are being taught simultaneously at school. We don’t want to overwhelm a student by teaching different units at different times, we are here to help solidify the concepts that are based in the Ontario Curriculum Documents. MATHS, SCIENCES, ENGLISH, FRENCH, HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY…… WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!!