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At SharpMinds we provide your family with individual attention, support, service and results! Our high quality tutoring services are convenient and affordable. Through our vast database, we are able to match your child’s specific educational needs with one of our superb educational specialists.

Principal's Message

It has been my pleasure and privilege to be able to guide the development of SharpMinds Academy from its inception to the amazing school we have today. SharpMinds Academy is well on its way to fulfilling our founding vision of creating a prototype school that will transform education in the 21st century. Founded on principles and values that are essential in for good character is committed to supporting parents to raise the next generation of leaders.

Thank you for choosing SharpMinds
Academy and get ready for a bright future.

Fahim Khan, Principal
SharpMinds Academy.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare our students by equipping them with the academic tools and life skills needed to enter and succeed not only at the post-secondary school level, but ultimately, in their chosen career path.

Teaching Philosphy

Our teaching philosophy is based upon a firm belief that every child can succeed at school, given the proper encouragement, motivation and tools. We believe that a tutor’s most important job is to listen and observe how your child works and learns, and then provide each student with strategies to work and learn more effectively.

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