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New Year, New Grades: How to Level Up in 2022

As we dive into the new year, it becomes easy to forget about our resolutions, and to revert back to old patterns. This year, we at Sharpminds want to be the part of a new positive change for all our students, and to help keep the ball rolling. Today, we will discuss some key steps that all our students can take towards making 2022 a memorable and productive year for their academic success.


Setting goals towards achieving better grades is a fabulous goal, but it is important not to make grades the be all and end all. At the end of the day, as much as we value good grades in school, the most important thing is learning. While your report card is one reflection of how well you’re progressing in each subject, sometimes it does not accurately reflect the real improvements you’ve made. This year, let’s focus on engaging with each subject and trying to learn something new in every class. This way, no matter what, you will always be on the right track. If learning something is difficult, focus on what you need to learn in order to guarantee your success. SharpMinds Academy offers a free assessment to all students to help you understand all areas of the student’s learning. Book your free assessment today.

Creating a Balance:

Staying sharp and productive is like building a snowball. Once you get it rolling, you will see how easy it is to turn that snowball into a massive snow boulder. This applies as well to our grades, and our everyday life. Staying focused and productive doesn’t only apply to school, but to everything we do. So, as important as it is to have goals for school, it’s also important to have goals outside of school. This can be as simple as helping out more around the house, or practicing piano. By keeping a balance outside of school, and sticking to our tasks, we can look at our school work as just another chance to accomplish our goals and improve ourselves.

Wake Up Earlier:

One amazing way to get a head start on the year, and our day’s work, is simply to get up earlier. Even if it’s just 15 minutes, that can be extra time for us to get ourselves organized and ready to take on the day. On the other hand, waiting until the very last minute to get up can be taxing, and it creates stress first thing in the morning. The more time you give yourself each morning, the more you can be sure to finish what needs to be done so you can rest easy once bedtime rolls around. Try setting your clock even just a few minutes early to get started, or give yourself a morning activity like drawing or reading a book and see how enjoyable that extra time can be.

Be Punctual:

Another step towards meeting our goals is to be punctual. This works alongside waking up earlier because it encourages us to stick to a schedule and to leave ourselves enough time to accomplish our day’s work. The best way to do this is to keep a schedule, or agenda, and to be diligent about filling it out. So, if you know you have a test one week from today, mark it down and mark down the days or times you will study for it. Instead of waiting until the last minute, or forgetting completely, keeping a schedule will keep you organized, and always working towards our new years goals.

Getting Creative:

Another amazing thing to keep in our resolutions is to have a creative project. A year is a long time when we really look at it, and it allows us the ability to get a lot of things done. Think of some things you’ve always wanted to do, and think about how you can work towards meeting those dreams this year. So, if you’ve always wanted to write a story, build something, or paint an amazing picture, this can be the year to do it. As we said before, having goals outside of school can keep us motivated and geared towards success. Try using your schedule or planner to pencil in time to work on things that you enjoy the most, and putting in the work to meet your dreams!

Sharpminds is incredibly excited for a happy and productive 2022 year. Let’s take all the hard work we put in last year and use it as a jumping point for us to meet new levels of success and happiness in this new year.

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