Elementary Tutoring


Literacy & ME (Grades 1-3)

Students in Grades 1-3 will use their existing knowledge and skills to build a strong language foundation. Children will learn the language skills and strategies of oral communication, reading comprehension, vocabulary knowledge, and language structure.

Story Tellers (Grades 4-6)

Students will blossom into creative storytellers by expanding on their existing language skills in reading comprehension, oral communication, and listening strategies. By exploring multiple perspectives, students will learn how to appreciate the viewpoints of others. By applying their life experiences, students become more connected to their stories and learning becomes more personal and fun!

Independant Thinkers (GRADES 7-8)

Students in Grades 7 & 8 will explore various ideas and expression of opinions. They will learn how to write and communicate about topics of personal interest. Building on existing skills, students will learn how to effectively communicate information and ideas for diverse purposes and audiences.


MATH & ME (Grades 1 - 3)

Students will build a strong mathematical foundation by being introduced to the five major strands of the Ontario math curriculum. They will learn how to add, subtract, tell time, count money, and sort and classify shapes and figures.

STEPPING UP! - (Grades 4-6)

Students will build on their existing knowledge math by solving basic multiplication and division problems, examining areas of rectangles and parallelograms, and exploring fractions, money, decimals, and integers.

MASTERMINDS - (Grade 7 & 8)

Students in Grades 7-8 will be analyzing more complex data, examining geometric relationships, modelling linear relationships graphically and algebraically, and mastering fractions, integers, and exponents.




This course was great. It helped me really understand why I’m learning what I’m learning. Big boost to help me get into university.
Zohair Ahmed
The class environment provides a welcoming atmosphere, the teachers are encouraging and push there students to try their best. Every student is given the attention that they need, their unspoken motto is "no child left behind". memorable experience.
Sylvia Andrews
I would recommend sharpminds to everyone who needs a little push in academics. This truly helped me with boosting up my marks. The work environment is amazing along with easy going smart teachers who are able to help students no matter the learning style. Thanks Sharpminds!
Jasmine Karim

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