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Understanding Course Codes
SharpMinds courses are labeled according to the Ontario Ministry of Education's coding system. The code consists of five characters (e.g. ENG1D):

  • The first three characters represent the discipline, the subject, and the course.
  • The fourth character represents the grade: 1, 2, 3 or 4 where "1" refers to Grade 9, "2" refers to Grade 10, "3" refers to Grade 11 and "4" refers to Grade 12 or A, B, C, D or E where "A" refers to Level 1, "B" refers to Level 2, "C" refers to Level 3, "D" refers to Level 4 and "E" refers to Level 5. Letters represent proficiency in a language course .
  • The last character represents the course type. Most courses at STI use D, M, U or O:
  • "O" refers to OPEN - A course open to all levels.
  • "D" refers to ACADEMIC - A Grade 9 or 10 academic course for students planning on future post-secondary education.
  • "M" refers to UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE - A senior course in preparation for university or college.
  • "U" refers to UNIVERSITY - A senior course preparing the student for university.