Top 10 Funny Excuses From Parents & Students
Thursday, Mar 02,2017

They're always late or they're absent for reasons beyond their control or even their parents' control. But let's face it - some of those excuses truly take the cake. 

Here are our favourite online excuses that we've found:

1. My mom forgot to do my homework for me.

2. I'm sorry I'm late, I got lost on the way and ended up having a Tim Horton's hot chocolate and the line was crazy.

3. My brother's dog ate my homework.

4. I won't be in class today because I'm in love.

5. I got bit by a rabid dog.

6. I can't take swimming class today, it's raining outside.

7. My mother has a doctor's appointment and I have to translate for her

8. I can only hop on one foot today

9. My cousin forgot to come over last night with my assignment

10. I can't take the test because my fingers have cramp-it-is

What is one of the best excuses you've ever heard? :)


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