Stop the Summer Brain Drain!
Thursday, Jul 28,2016

Some people call it the summer slump; others call it summer learning loss. Which ever one it is, the brain drain is a real phenomenon and this regression in skills generally occurs during the summer. It’s neither inevitable nor irreversible. According to a study conducted by Dr. Harry Cooper, they found that students have lost one to three months worth of learning during the summer vacation. If this is happening to everyone, you may be thinking what’s the big deal? Skills and information lost during their vacation means teachers often spend the first half of the school year reteaching these skills.

Fear not. Here are few ways to recharge that summer brain!

1. Start reading and keep lots of books around. Most libraries schedule special summer events for kids.

2. Think about what your child may be learning the next year. Talk to teachers on what they’ll be covering in the class and plan any trips around that. Is your child learning about Ancient Greece? Take them to the museum!

3. Keep math in mind. Since kids lose more math skills than anything else over the summer, try to do some special planning to find math-related activities.

4. Consider summer school or tutoring. Struggling kids can get a lot of different kinds of help from these programs. Summer school can also enrich and accelerate learning in areas where kids show a special interest.


Don’t forget to keep it fun!


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