Questions To Ask When Hiring a Tutor
Monday, Jan 09,2017

Choosing the right tutor for your child with learning and attention issues can seem like a daunting job. Knowing more about each potential tutor’s background and approach to teaching can help you narrow down the choices. Here are questions to ask before you hire a tutor for your child.

We recommend the following questions to ask:

1. How long have you been tutoring?

2. What are your qualifications / credentials?

3. Have you tutored children before?

4. What is your success rate in tutoring for _______ (name subject your child needs help with)?

5. How long is each tutoring session?

6. How much is each tutoring session?

7. Do you have packages for long-term tutoring?

8. How do you measure my child's progress on a subject?

9. Will you work and communicate with my child's teachers?

10. What can I do to support you with the tutoring of my child?

Asking these basic questions can help you get a feel for the organization you want to retain to guarantee your child's excellence in education. Keep this handy as a checklist when interviewing tutors. 



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