Limiting Use of Tech for Your Kids
Wednesday, Feb 22,2017

Today, many of us are spending increasing amounts of time on screens, whether that be watching TV, playing video games, working, surfing the web, or texting from our smartphones.

The same can be said about children growing up in this era of technology – especially with social media and texting. While technological advances have helped us understand and learn concepts far faster, these advancements could be having a direct affect on our overall thinking, learning abilities, and imaginations.

With that being said, are you concerned with the amount of time your child spends/children spend with technology? You know that technology has a direct correlation on distracting your child - some of it is not just educational; it's also video games, computer games, youtube videos and more.

Studies have proven that limiting the use of technology to 30 minutes a day is best as it allows them to still concenrate on their studies, homework assignments and much more. 

Try outside activities or group activities with manual game boards or work out activities that stimulate the mind.


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