Monday, Oct 31,2016

More than ever, your teen will need your help in high school. Some ways to help them academically are:

  • Communicate with your teen’s teachers. If possible, schedule a meeting at the beginning of the school year to discuss concerns and make a plan to help your child succeed. If you have an IEP or Section 504 plan, make sure the teachers know about it. If it needs to be modified, call a meeting with your educational team.
  • If your teen takes medication, make sure they take it as prescribed.
  • Review your child’s schedule to determine which classes might be the most challenging in regards to course work, size, and location on campus.
  • Monitor your teen’s academic progress. If the school has an online system that tracks grades and assignments, make sure you and your teen can access it. Have your teen log in daily and discuss upcoming tests and assignments. If the school doesn’t have an automated system, create a calendar or use a planner to track assignments.
  • Teach your teen good study habits and remain involved with what’s going on in their classes.
  • The effect that assignments and tests have on a teen’s grades can be confusing because each teacher may have a different grading system. Go over assignment scores and show your teen how grades are calculated and how to track them.
  • If you notice your teen is struggling academically, make an appointment to speak with their teachers. Tutoring may be helpful.




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