5 Days of Holiday Learning
Wednesday, Feb 22,2017

DAY 1: Be Creative and Crafty

Crafts are a great family holiday activity. They reinforce many important school skills like attention to detail, following instructions, and maintaining focus. These activities also encourage creativity and imagination. Plus, kids end up with a great craft that they can feel excited about and proud of!

DAY 2: Read a great book

Reading is one of the greatest ways to work on school skills over the holidays. Books not only tell stories of great adventures, they help media-saturated children unplug. Reading also helps children develop their vocabulary and improve reading comprehension. These are all great skills and necessary in the classroom.

DAY 3: Go For A Hike

We all know physical activity is good for our bodies, but studies have shown that physical activity is great for the brain as well! Physical activity helps increase blood flow to the brain which increases memory function as well. To put it simply, once you get the blood pumping, you get the wheels turning.

Why not take advantage of the holiday weather and go on a family hike? Chase the kids around. Have a snowball fight, or walk around the neighbourhood and look at the lights. Whatever you plan for the holidays, include physical activity and your kids will stay sharp for the entire season.

DAY 4: Use your School Agenda

The holidays are perfect for relaxation and celebration, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget about school. Studies show that children actually crave structure and routine. Over the holidays, use an agenda to stay organized and focused, and to get a head start on January assignments. Just as your child uses a school agenda to keep schoolwork organized, he or she can use one to organize the holidays. Sit down together to record holiday activities and January assignments in the agenda.

DAY 5: Rolling the dice

Board games are a great way to get families to interact over the holiday in a fun way. Playing board games can help kids develop critical thinking skills like strategy, analysis, and planning. They also help improve basic school skills such as addition, subtraction, and reading comprehension.

That’s not all. Board games are a great way to step away from technology for an hour or two and simply spend quality time together.


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